Additional Services

Immunizations and Vaccines

Immunizations and vaccines are administered by a registered nurse under the direction of the medical director.

Please call 781.283.2810 to make an appointment for immunizations/travel vaccines.

Students with the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will have their claim submitted for them. Students without SHIP will receive an electronic statement for these immunizations.  

If you have any questions, please call our billing coordinator at 781.283.2811.

Learn about immunization compliance.

Immunizations/Vaccines offered at Health Services
Cost per Dose
Number of Doses in Series
Hepatitis A$872 doses
Hepatitis B$713 doses
HPV/Gardasil$2303 doses
Japanese encephalitis$3142 doses
Malaria pills$6–$15per pill
Menactra (meningococcal)$1181 dose
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)$832 doses
Pneumococcal$1121 dose
Polio$321 dose
Rabies (series of three over one month)$3083 doses
Tetanus /diphtheria$431 dose
Tdap$351 dose
Typhoid (oral or injectable)$701 dose
Varicella$1452 doses
Yellow fever$1451 dose



Health Services can provide the following:

  • Contraception counseling
  • Confidential STI testing
  • First time or annual gynecological exam
  • Emergency contraception (Plan B: $45)
  • Referrals to local clinics (including local long-acting teversible contraception insertion clinics)
  • Free safer sex supplies (condoms, dental dams, etc.)

Find further information regarding various methods of contraception.

Mental Health

Health Services works closely with the Stone Center Counseling Service to provide a safe and caring environment for students with mental health issues. Please contact the Stone Center directly at 781.283.2839 for an appointment or more information.


Health Services works with Andrews Pharmacy (781.235.1001), a full-service, family-owned and -operated pharmacy that has been servicing the community for over 50 years. In addition to prescriptions, Andrews offers a complete line of health and beauty aids, gift items, greeting cards, and sundries.

Prescription Delivery Policy from Andrews Pharmacy 

  • Prescriptions are released and delivered from Andrews ONLY IF Andrews receives the student’s credit or debit card number, which may be kept on file at the pharmacy for one school year.
  • Students must arrange to pick up their prescriptions from Andrews if they are paying by cash or personal check.
  • Students must present their Wellesley College IDs for prescription pickup. If a student instructs another student to pick up her prescription, she must provide her with her ID. Prescriptions will not be released without an ID.
  • No money or receipts will be exchanged at Health Services.


How will I get my prescription?
A clinician or nurse will call in your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Health Services works closely with Andrews Pharmacy, a local independent pharmacy that delivers prescriptions directly to Health Services. This is an efficient, secure, and private means for on-campus prescription deliveries. There is also a CVS in downtown Wellesley, about a five-minute walk from Health Services.

What should I do if my prescription has not been delivered to Health Services?
Contact Andrews (781.235.1001) to check on the status of your prescription.

How will I pay for my prescription?
Either call Andrews Pharmacy or visit their website to give them a current credit or debit card number to which a co-pay can be charged, and your insurance information.

If you use any other pharmacy, be sure to bring your insurance card with you when picking up your prescription.

What if I need a refill?
First, check your prescription label for available refills. If you have one or more refills remaining, call the pharmacy for a refill. If you are out of refills, call Health Services ASAP—you may need an appointment prior to authorizing more refills!

TIP: Call Health Services for a refill appointment when you see that you have one or no refills remaining for your prescription when you pick it up. This will minimize the chances of prescription interruptions.

What if I have a prescription written by a clinician outside of Health Services?
Bring the original prescription to Health Services and it will be relayed to Andrews, or you may take the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.