Allergy Injections

Health Service can assist students in the continuation of their allergy immunotherapy while on campus.

Immunotherapy Guidelines

  • A preliminary meeting with a WCHS physician is required before Health Service can administer immunotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy MUST be initiated by the private Allergist as Health Service can only continue established therapy.
  • Allergy injections are only administered at specific times during the week and when a physician is present.
  • Students are responsible for transporting serum to and from our office. We do NOT mail serum home.
  • WCHS can properly store serum for students without access to a refrigerator.
  • $25 charge for allergy injections. We recommend you submit this to your insurance co.
  • We do not administer bee venom.
  • We do not administer allergy injections in the summer. We recommend Allergy and Asthma Centers of MA- details below.

Getting started

  1. Please call our office to schedule an allergy appt with a physician. (781) 283-2810. Once Immunotherapy has started, students do not need to meet again with a Physician UNLESS Immunotherapy has changed or stopped.
  2. Obtain you serum, a copy your allergist protocol and have them complete our checklist.
  3. Bring all of this to your appointment with our physician. After your appointment with a physician, you can easily schedule your injections by calling or stopping by the Front Desk of Health Services. (781) 283-2810. Appointments are available Wed 12:30-2pm & Fri 1-2pm when a physician is on-site.

The ONLY way to ensure proper delivery is through FedEx. They will deliver to our front door.

Regular mailed packages go to our Distribution Center and may sit, unrefrigerated (and thus, unusable) for a few days.

Please have your allergist use FedEx & address the package exactly as below:


We recommend Allergy and Asthma Centers of MA

Dr. John Ohman and Dr. Daniel Steinberg

Allergy and Asthma Center of MA   (16 Minutes/ 8 Miles)
25 Boylston Street, Suite 215
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467
Tel 617.632.1690 
Fax 617.739.7082