The college years in particular are a time of growth and change.

As new developmental steps are taken, they are often accompanied by both challenges and dilemmas. Some of these result in excitement and greater self-awareness, while others are accompanied by self-doubts, anxieties, fears, and depression. For these concerns, as well as for more serious crises, it is often helpful to gain the perspective of a professional, caring person.

The Health Service works closely with the Counseling Service to provide a safe and caring environment for students with mental health issues. Please visit the sites listed below for more information. You can contact the Counseling Service directly at extension 2839 for an appointment or more information.

The Stone Center Counseling Service is pleased to announce that the Screening for Mental Health Online Screening Program is now available to the Wellesley College community. The tool provides online screening for depression, alcohol, anxiety and eating disorders. It is free and anonymous and is being provided so that users can find out, in a private and confidential manner, whether professional support would be helpful. To access the screening tool, click here (this link can only be accessed by on-campus computers).

Health and Counseling Information