and All Non-Study Travel Abroad
Our goal at Health Services is to work with you in preparing you for a
               safe and  wonderfully rich travel experience.


I just found out I’m traveling abroad...what should I do next?

  • Visit the CDC’s travel website for continually updated information regarding international health notices, immunization requirements, and recommendations specific to destinations you are considering for your travel abroad experience.
  • Immunizations and other travelers health services are available at Health Service by scheduling a travel medicine appointment.

How do I schedule a Travel appointment in Health Service?

  1. Complete and submit electronically the Pre-Travel Screening Form, located on the secure Online Student Health portal. Log into the online portal using your Wellesley domain and password. Within Forms, select the Pre-Travel Screening Form. When this form is submitted, it is imported directly into your confidential health record for review by our clinical staff.
  2. Call during business hours to schedule a 30 minute travel appointment.
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment.

*Travel medicine appointments are available prior to December 15th and May 15th each semester.


I need an off campus appointment- where should I go?

  •   Click here for off campus Travel Clinics in the area


Do you need more than a months worth of medication while traveling?

  • If you have the Wellesley College Health Insurance plan, please click here to obtain additional months of medication.
  • If you have private insurance, check with you insurance company direcly.


Pre-Departure Planning Tips:

  • Consider how you can get the support you need while abroad chronic medical or mental health issues. anticipate how the psychosocial stress of an international experience might exacerbate any condition.
  • Have a plan in place should exacerbations in health issues occur.
  • Vaccinations should be received 6 weeks prior to departure for optimal immunity.
  • Obtain extended supplies of any medications you take regularly.
  • Ensure both your routine health and dental needs are up to date.