If you have any chronic medical or mental health issues, it's important to consider how you can get the support you need while abroad. The Office of International Studies (OIS), Health Service and the Stone Center Counseling Service have a clearance process that is required of each student who will study abroad. 

1. Complete a Pre-Travel Screening Form in The Patient Portal. This form is due March 1 for study abroad commencing in the fall and October 1 for study abroad commencing in the spring. On the form you will provide a detailed medical and mental health history. 

2. Health Service staff will notify you if an appointment is either recommended or necessary.  We will send you a letter including recommended vaccinations/malaria prophylaxis and encourage you to make an appointment with us to discuss/receive the recommendation  immunizations. If you are planning a trip to a foreign country please try to make your appointment well in advance, as many of the immunizations may need to be ordered. Try to make sure you have received all of your travel vaccinations by at least two weeks before leaving in order to build up immunity.

Off Campus Travel Clinics in the area are available if you are unable to secure an appointment at Health Service by your deadline date. Should you choose to see an outside clinician, documentation must be provided to Health Service (for medical) and/or the Stone Center (for mental health) for review in order for clearance to be communicated to OIS.

It is also important to take care of any health issues prior to foreign travel. In addition to seeing a clinician, make dental appointments and refill all prescription medications you take regularly to avoid any potential problems while away.

We recommend you visit the CDC’s travel website for continually updated information regarding international health notices, immunization requirements, and recommendations specific to destinations you are considering for your study abroad experience.

 Do you need more than a month's worth of medication while travelling abroad?

If you have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), please follow these directions to obtain additional months of medication.

If you have private insurance, we encourage you to call the insurance company directly.