Travel & Study Abroad

Travel health information for travel and study abroad

Our goal at Health Services is to work with you in preparing you for a safe and wonderfully rich travel experience.

Medical Clearance

Many programs will require you to provide a medical report, consisting of a physical exam, immunization records, and additional information from you on your medical history and any disabilities for which you are requesting accommodations. If your program has given you a form that requires signature for medical clearance, please refer this to your primary care physician to complete if you have seen them within the past year. If you have not seen your PCP within the last year or do not have a PCP, please schedule an appointment for medical clearance for travel with a provider in Health Services, please be sure to bring this form with you at the time of your appointment.

Health Services is not able to complete any forms without an appointment to be seen by a Health Services provider.

Medication Management

We also recommend you prepare for how you will obtain prescription medications while abroad well in advance of your departure. In some cases, there may be limitations on the amount of medications that may be prescribed where you go or on their availability abroad. If you will require refills for medications, you are routinely taking while away please request these from your PCP or the provider who originally prescribed the medication as most times these can be refilled electronically or over the phone from their office. We recommend that you ask them to prescribe a supply of medication that will last the length of your stay. It is also a good idea to carry a copy of your prescription and keep medications in the labeled containers in which they were dispensed. If you are unable to obtain your necessary medications from your PCP or the prescribing provider, please schedule an appointment to be seen by a provider in Health Services to review these medications.


Your pre-departure medical and vaccine needs will depend largely on the countries you intend to visit. To find out what is currently recommended or required, look into the information provided by your program, and that is available from the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization. Inform yourself about conditions in the country where you are planning to study. The U.S. State Department issues consular information sheets summarizing entry requirements and health and safety issues for every country.

As we may not have all vaccines necessary for travel abroad available in Health Services it is recommend that you make an appointment with the Travel Clinic at Newton Wellesley Hospital to obtain necessary vaccines and any other medications that may be necessary depending on your area of travel. The NWH Travel Medicine service provides medical counseling, medication, and vaccinations to those planning foreign travel.

We encourage students to register as patients with Newton-Wellesley prior to scheduling an appointment with the Travel clinic. This can be done by calling 855.890.9241 Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm and providing name and address information, contact information, and insurance information (from the student’s insurance card).

If you have questions on how to manage your medical conditions or medications while abroad, we encourage you to make an appointment with a Health Services provider to discuss.

Most Importantly, have a great time and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to travel abroad!


If you have any questions please contact Health Services at 781.283.2810.