Information for First Years

History Courses for First Years, Fall 2017

  • First year students are encouraged to consider all 100- and 200-level courses.
  • Courses numbered in the 100s are designed exclusively for first years. 
  • All courses numbered in the 200s are open to first-year enrollment without prerequisite.
  • With the exception of offerings numbered in the 300s, the History Department does not organize its courses hierarchically.  There are no prerequisites, and there is no prescribed sequence in which students should take courses.  Any 100 or 200-numbered course that interests you may be a good place to begin.
  • This year, we are offering two First-Year Seminars in the fall: 
  • HIST 114 - American Hauntings (Prof. Grandjean)
  • HIST 115 - Routes of Exile: Jews and Muslims (Prof. Malino) 
  • In the spring, we offer another First Year Seminar:
  • HIST 116 - Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate (Prof. Tumarkin)
  • Take advantage of these First Year Seminars, because they're only available to you in your first year.
  • This fall, our roster includes a number of courses that also provide good entry points into the study of college-level history.  We're offering a number of broad treatments of regions and chronological eras:
  • HIST 205 - The Making of the Modern World Order (Prof. Matsusaka)
  • HIST 222 - The Barbarian Kingdoms of Early Medieval Europe (Prof. Ramseyer)
  • HIST 229 - Alexander the Great: Psychopath of Philosopher King (Prof. Rogers)
  • HIST 234 - The Holy Roman Empire: Religion, Politics, and Culture from Luther to Napoleon (Prof. Grote)
  • HIST 248 - The Soviet Union:  A Tragic Colossus (Prof. Tumarkin)
  • HIST 278 - Reform and Revolution in China, 1800 to the Present (Prof. Giersch)
  • HIST 284 - The Middle East in Modern History (Prof. Kapteijns)
  • Many of our incoming students have a background in U.S. History, and you may find the following fall courses of special interest (although no background is required):
  • HIST 244 - History of the American West:  Manifest Destiny to Pacific Imperialism  (Prof. Quintana)
  • HIST 249 -  Cold War Culture and Politics in the United States (Prof. Greer)
  • HIST 252 - The Twentieth-Century Black Freedom Struggle (Prof. Greer)
  • HIST 260 - The Pursuit of Happiness:  America in the Age of Revolution (Prof. Grandjean)
  • Please note that you don't need any previous background in American history to benefit from and do well in these courses.  So, if you are new to U.S. History, please consider joining one of these courses.  That goes for all of our offerings numbered in the 200s.  Our courses are designed to allow you to jump in from a starting point of general interest in a region, culture, or time period, or from a specific topical interest, such as capitalism, slavery, the South and the Civil War, the Cold War, or cities. 
  • Some courses may resemble courses you've taken previously.  The titles might seem familiar, but the approach to learning these subjects will most likely be substantially different, with greater analytical depth than you may have encountered in high school.

Please don't hesitate to email professors about their courses.