Personal Experiences

Students riding camels in desert
Scenic picture of mountains
Building and plants
Student next to monument
Moroccan buildings and palm trees

Students who have attended the Wintersession in Morocco course share personal testimonials.

The Wellesley Wintersession in Morocco program is really wonderful because it not only gives students an opportunity to explore Morocco as tourists, it provides important background information that allows students to form deeper connections with the people of Morocco to better understand their experiences from other perspectives.


What made the Morocco Wintersession trip such a wonderful experience was the fact that it combined academic study in a classroom setting with immersion into the culture  and everyday life of Morocco—this mixture of approaches gave us all a really unique perspective of the country. We could both hear about the current leations between the government and the people from a professor at Mohammed V University, and then after class we sometimes walked by protests in front of the parliament building that allowed us to see these political conditions for ourselves. 



I found the Morocco Wintersession incredibly useful as a Middle Eastern studies major, since it allowed me to study my subject from inside the classroom and out. I use my recollections of the trip within my work to this day!

 - Kathryn

The Wintersession in Morocco program was a transformative experience that has been an inspiration in many ways, and a stimulus for intellectual exploration and personal growth. I would not have dreamt of a number of life plans I am now considering as a senior without that invaluable month as part of my Wellesley Education. 

- Sarah

The Morocco Wintersession Program allowed me to submerse myself in the country in a very intimate and academic way that could never be matched by any other program or individual travel. The personal contacts which faculty have cultivated over their lifetime are fully utilized for the students' benefit.

- Andrea

Our three weeks spent in Morocco granted us exposure to the cultural and historical wealth of the country, both inside and outside of the classroom. The Wintersession program was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

- Michelle