Multi Family Residences

Address: 29-31 Dover Rd.
Floors: 29 has three floors and 31 has two floors
Living Area: 29 is 3,007 sq. ft. and 31 is 1,095
Rooms: 29 has nine rooms and 31 has five rooms
Bedrooms: 29 has five bedrooms and 31 has 2 bedrooms
Bath: 29 has 2.5 baths and 31 has 1.5 baths
Amenities: Two laundry machine hookups in basement, storage in attic and basement, two fireplaces and parking in garage and driveway.
History: Originally a single family dwelling in 1860.


Danforth House

Address: 629 Washington St.
Floors: 3
Units: 3
Living Area: Units range from 713 sq. ft. to 1,188 sq. ft.
Rooms: one 3-room, one 5-room and one 5-room
Bedrooms: one 1-bedroom and two 2-bedrooms
Bath: All units have 1 bath
Design: Colonial
Amenities: Coin operated laundry in basement, storage in basement, parking in driveway.
History: Sold from Dana Hall School to Wellesley College in 1991.