1. Before Arrival:

Arrange for utilities  by calling the appropriate company.  Names and telephone contact information of the major utilities are list in Section VII of this handbook.  Questions concerning the arrangements may be directed Peter Eastment.

2.. Conduct:

Consideration for other tenants and neighbors is expected in regard to noise, TV, radio, stereo, pets and parties. Failure to be considerate of others or to comply with the rules and regulations pertaining to rental properties is sufficient grounds to terminate the lease of a tenant on 30 days' notice.

3.. Absence of Occupants

Tenants are responsible for any damage to their apartments or houses occurring while they are absent during the summer or winter months. Campus Police should be notified of dates of departure and return.

4.  Renewal Procedures:

Tenants with renewal privileges will be sent an application for the next academic year in April of the current academic year.  They will be asked to return the application by May 1st noting whether they plan to renew, vacate or move to another unit.

5. Insuring Personal Property:

The College is not responsible for the safety of personal property.  It is recommended that each tenant arrange for personal property insurance.  Liberty Mutual offers group insurance rate to Wellesley College employees.  For more information contact Monica Archer at 1-781-861-8750, Extension 50311, Direct