Transportation Code of Conduct

Transportation Conduct Guide

Developed by the Transportation Advisory Committee

This transportation conduct guide has been developed so that transportation services provided
by Wellesley College for students, their guests, community members, and visitors to our
campus, runs in a safe and effective manner that enables riders to have a positive experience.
Wellesley students are responsible for following the Honor Code whether on or off-campus, and in using
the College transportation services. Key tenets of the Honor Code – honesty, integrity and respect
– are essential to conduct related to College transportation systems (The Honor Code states: As a
Wellesley College student, I will act with honesty, integrity, and respect. In making this commitment,
I am accountable to the community and dedicate myself to a life of honor). Similarly, students are
responsible for following the Wellesley College Alcohol and Drug policies while using the College
transportation services.
Appropriate conduct for transportation services is outlined more specifically in the following
statements. Riders should:
  • Show respect to fellow passengers and members of the transportation services team includingthe bus drivers, dispatch, and Wellesley College transportation services staff.
  • Use tokens and/or punch pass to board the bus when required.
  • Respect the decisions made by the bus drivers who are focused on the overall safety of driving.
  • The bus drivers may alter their route due to driving, traffic or weather-related conditions.
  • The bus drivers may limit the number of people on the bus.
  • They may not allow someone on the bus or ask someone to get off of the bus if the person is disruptive, disrespectful, distracting the driver, in possession of ( an open container of) alcohol, does not have the required token,or punch pass, or is too ill for safe transportation.
  • The driver may contact Wellesley College Campus Police or other law enforcement agencies for assistance in dealing with a student issue.
  • Sit one person to one seat. Do not stand in the aisle.
  • Be responsible for your guests.

Wellesley College Campus Police routinely reports, to their colleagues on local campuses, issues related to conduct for students from local campuses.

Riders respectful of these conduct guidelines will enable Wellesley to have a positive relationship with the transportation companies that are contracted for service (i.e., Wellesley College does not directly run the transportation service, but pays an outside company to run the service). Wellesley students and other riders will be viewed in a positive manner by our service provider.