Compensation Philosophy


The compensation philosophy is to pay competitively with the external labor market, considering both wages and fringe benefits in order to determine “total compensation.” Human Resources annually participates in appropriate surveys to determine competitive compensation levels looking at benchmark positions. Benchmark positions are jobs that are easily compared to other organizations, well-defined and representative of positions across the College. In addition, Human Resources compares benchmark positions with other non-benchmark positions throughout the College to ensure that all administrative staff roles are paid equitably. The survey data utilized varies according to where, and with whom, we compete for qualified employees for particular jobs. In some cases, the local labor market is considered and, for other positions, regional or even national markets are used. In addition to the comparisons made to other colleges and universities, general industry survey data is utilized when appropriate.

The responsibilities, skills and competencies described in an employee’s role document together with the employee’s prior experience, skills and abilities determine the pay opportunity while individual performance determine actual pay.