Role Documentation

The foundation of our Develop You and Reward You programs is the understanding and documentation of our roles at work and the competencies needed to succeed in these roles. The role document describes the basic purpose and elements of each position and the skills and competencies needed to perform it effectively. Role classification (the comparison of roles across the College) is also a key component: 

  • Role documentation. The role document includes information about the position, required skills and performance expectations. Click here for more information.
  • Role classification. Role classification compares the roles of employees throughout the College and determines the "level" of each role in terms of skills and pay opportunities. A new role document and classification must be completed if an existing role changes significantly. A budget request must also be made if the classification results in a salary increase. Click here for more information.
  • Research Classification. Definition of category for research personnel including research scientists, postdoctoral fellows and the research & program staff of the Wellesley Center for Women. Click here for more information.

Role Documentation/Classification Resources

The following documents may be helpful in your understanding of our role documentation and classification processes:

For a copy of your own role document (or the role document for someone you supervise), contact Human Resources.