Dental Plans

Dental Plans

The College offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. You may choose from:


You may elect individual or family coverage. You and the College share the cost of coverage. Your cost is paid on a pre-tax basis.

More information about dental coverage:

To contact Delta Dental, go to or call 1-800-872-0500.


Delta Dental Plans for 2022


Delta Dental of Massachusetts members will now be able to access virtual visits delivered by This new service is backed by the power of Preventistry®, our groundbreaking approach to transforming the oral health care system. This service supplements Delta Dental's current plan coverage and should be used after business hours, holidays and weekends, or when a member's regular dentist is unavailable.

Virtual vists are an effective way to receive care and avoid the emergency room. Members can schedule a virtual visit when they:

  • Are having a dental emergency or an urgent dental concern.
  • Need access to a dentist after hours and their dentist isn't available.
  • Need to consult with a dentist while traveling. dentists will provide initial consultation services. Once a consultation is completed, members will be referred to a Delta Dental network dentist for definitive diagnosis and treatment. For more information on, visit