Legal Plan - Met Law

Legal Plan - MetLaw

MetLaw provides convenient professional legal counsel for a variety of services including Estate Planning, Elder Law Matters, Real Estate transactions, Immigration Assistance and up to 20 hours of Divorce coverage. If you elect to enroll in this voluntary program at a cost of $21 per month, it will cover you, your spouse and dependents and you will have access to a Nationwide network of more than 15,000 attorneys.  


Once in enrolled, you may find an attorney online or speak directly with a Customer Service Representative who can help find you an attorney. You will then receive a case number at which point you can contact the attorney to make an appointment. Additional resources are also available on the MetLaw website. For more information, visit and enter access code: Legal20. It is important to note that once you enroll in this benefit, you may not opt out until the follow Open Enrollment or if you experience a Qualifying Life Event in the middle of the year.