Assistant Vice President/Director of HR and EO

Carolyn Slaboden
Assistant Vice President and Director of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, X2216

Carolyn directs all Human Resources activities for the College and is responsible for all personnel policies, compensation, employee relations, overall union/management relations, EEOC, benefits and systems as well as training and strategic planning.


Kathy Stewart
Associate Director of Labor and Employee Relations and Compliance, x2214

Kathy is responsible for all employee and labor relations. She oversees the Short-term and Long-term Disability programs and Workers’ Compensation.


Susan Daganhardt 
Assistant Director of Employment, x2248

Sue directs and manages all activities related to recruitment, hiring and meeting long-term employment goals for administrative and faculty positions. She oversees appropriate hiring compliance for administrative and faculty positions and partners with outside vendors to develop our Affirmative Action Plan. Sue plays a key role in developing and implementing strategies for minority recruitment and retention and assists in the implementation of training and development programs for administrative staff. She can also answer any questions related to tuition grants and tuition reimbursement.

Marc Boutin
Employment and Compensation Specialist, x3303

Marc assists in the development and implementation of new strategies to aid in faculty and union hiring. He conducts new faculty welcome orientations and oversees all faculty advertising and I-9 compliance.

Sandra Murga Zuniga
Office Coordinator x3202

Sandra serves as the first point of contact for the Human Resources Office. She is a source of information and referrals to the College community and visitors. She schedules benefits and work orientations for new hires and verifies employment by phone. She also assists the Human Resources staff on daily administrative logistics and supervises student workers.


Kathi Krajewski
Compensation Manager, x2447

Kathi develops, implements, and administers compensation programs to ensure that Wellesley College’s administrative staff employees are paid appropriately, looking at internal and external equity issues. She is the main contact for role classification/reclassification and salary actions.


Kelly Robinson
Associate Director of Human Resources Benefits and Operations                                    , x2215

Kelly is responsible for directing the College’s benefits and compensation programs to ensure that they are competitive and administered according to College policy and federal and state regulations. She is responsible for overseeing the benefits and compensation teams and is the employee contact for retirement.

Eva Bedrick
Assistant Director of Benefits, x2212

Eva assists in the administration of the College’s benefit programs for faculty, staff and union employees, including retirement and health and welfare benefits. This includes enrollments, terminations and changes. She also assists with ensuring that annual compliance requirements are met.

Liana Ghiron
Human Resources Assistant                                                                                                   , x2211

Liana is responsible for performing a variety of support services related to benefits, Healthy You initiatives, and employment. She helps with processing paperwork through Workday, event planning, and can answer any question regarding benefits and employment.


JoAnne O'Beirne
Human Resources Information Specialist, x 2231

JoAnne is responsible for entering employment changes in Banner for administrative, union, and casual wage employees and for benefit deductions for all benefits-eligible employees including faculty. She performs audits of this information in Banner to ensure accuracy. In addition, she is the point of contact for faculty and staff for additions or corrections in the College’s online directory. JoAnne is the initial contact in the Leave of Absence process and oversees the workers compensation program.


HR values and respects confidentiality.