Hiring and Management Resources

For Supervisors and Chairs

One of the most important responsibilities and greatest opportunities you have as a supervisor at Wellesley College is hiring and supervising your staff. The hiring process at Wellesley reflects our collective goal to recruit and retain a skilled workforce which will support Wellesley’s educational mission. Our common goal of diversifying our work force should be reflected in every search you undertake. Fostering the diversity of Wellesley’s faculty and staff is a goal that warrants the attention and energy of employees across the College. In seeking to identify and recruit faculty and staff members of the highest caliber, we need to draw upon the broadest possible pool of talent. We also need to ensure that our workplace welcomes people from a wide variety of backgrounds and encourages each of us to make the most of our skills. Achieving these goals requires commitment and support from all of us. 

The documents below can be valuable resources to you during the hiring process.

Administrative Hiring

Faculty Hiring

Casual Wage/Limited Term Hiring



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