New Employees

Welcome to Wellesley College! As a new member of the College community you have access to the services of a highly trained Human Resources Office staff that is dedicated to being supportive to its employees in order to make Wellesley an effective working environment for everyone.

The goal of the Human Resources Office team is to provide the highest standard of service in areas of employment, compensation, labor and employee relations, management consultation, training, benefits and HR information management systems to all Wellesley College employees. You should not hesitate to contact us, either in person, by phone or e-mail, to ask questions regarding any of our services.

Our staff understands the critical role they play in human resources management at Wellesley College. Through a strong recruitment program we seek to exemplify a truly diverse workplace and to represent a community that welcomes, supports and celebrates diversity. We provide our employees with a strong benefits program and continually strive to ensure that it reflects the needs of our employees.



HR values and respects confidentiality.