EXCEL Program

EXCEL (Executive Coaching for Effective Leadership)


Designed in partnership with Wellesley Human Resources, experienced leaders will hone their leadership skills. The cohort will meet with an expert coach every two weeks for the first two months, and then monthly thereafter to explore priorities in management strategies, models for leadership, and building a high performing team. 

Who Would Benefit

This coaching program is intended to provide accelerated leadership development targeting Wellesley senior level employees from a variety of functional areas. In a peer cohort of 6 - 8 participants with an executive coach facilitating, the program will provide a safe and confidential environment to learn/increase skills in the topic areas below.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held beginning in October 2021 on Wednesdays from 9:00 -10:30AM except for the initial meeting. Meetings labeled with an asterisk (*) will be virtual. 

Foundational Topics 

  • 10/6/21, 8:30am-10:30am – Personal Styles: Understand Yourself and Style Shifting with Others
  • 10/20/21* – Linking Personal Goals to Organizational Outcomes: Needs, Values, and Job Satisfaction
  • 11/3/21* – Chronic Stress and Work-Life Balance: SHIP, Life Balance Wheel, and Priorities Management Strategies
  • 11/17/21 – Integrity, Boundaries & Standards: Staying Open, Facing Avoidance, Blocks & Clutter

Leadership Topics

  • 12/8/22* – Using and Reviewing 360 Feedback: Developing Learning Goals
  • 1/12/22 – Model for Leadership Development: Seven Transformations of Leadership
  • 2/9/22* – Coaching Competencies: ICF Model
  • 3/9/22* – Keeping your team creative and curious to innovate
  • 4/6/22 – Making tough people calls & holding crucial conversations
  • 5/4/22* – Building a High Performing Team: Diversity, talent gaps & development
  • 6/8/22 – Visioning, Empowering and Spurring Action 

We Learn