Performance Management

Performance Management

During this period of great uncertainty, we are all focused on finding new ways of managing our work and our lives. Focusing on how to adapt to the present moment and looking ahead in the short term to assess our next steps as employees and as a College are top of mind for many of us, while maintaining connection, productivity, and wellness require flexibility and new methods. There is also great value in looking back over the year to discuss and document the many individual and collective accomplishments of the year, and therefore the administrative performance module for year-end conversations will be open starting May 11th for staff to record their accomplishments. The HR Performance Management website offers guidance on how to conduct these conversations and how Workday can be used as a tool for documentation

Our performance management program is designed to encourage and promote communication between employees and their supervisors throughout the year. We believe that thoughtful conversations and honest assessments:

  • Foster two-way communication between employees and supervisors
  • Support the development of clear, consistent and measurable goals linked directly to Wellesley's core values and overall mission
  • Help to articulate and support training needs and continuous career development and 
  • Establish appropriate criteria for making reward and recognition decisions.

The Performance Management Process

We encourage open and ongoing communication between employees and their supervisors throughout the year. We also have formal processes for goal setting, an interim goal check-in and the annual performance assessment. Most employees will complete these phases with their supervisor using Workday. Goal Setting step-by-step instructions.

Performance Management Tools and Resources

The following documents may be helpful as you and your supervisor set goals and review your performance:


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