Competency Based Programs

Valuing Work, Wellesley College’s integrated program of performance management, employee development and compensation for administrative staff, identifies nine competencies that are important for successful performance at Wellesley.  The following programs have been selected to further develop expertise in these areas.

Programs for Managers

Management 101:  Management Training for the Newer Manager

This program will address the basic elements of management for the new manager.  Topics to be addressed include transitioning to the managerial role, communication skills for managers, and supervising troubled employees.  Each component of the program will provide managers with specific skills and strategies, and exercises to practice skills.

Audience: New Supervisors/Managers
Competency:  Leadership, Development of Self, Expertise, Service to Others, Communication
Date/Time: April 16, 2015,  1:00pm-2:30pm
Location:  Library Lecture Room

Programs for all administrative staff members

Reaching Inside: Motivation Ourselves (Rescheduled from previous snow day)

Workplace motivation is essential to success, as evidenced by the deluge of articles targeted at managers looking to motivate their employees.  Yet we cannot always rely on a manager to motivate us-we must take control and responsibility for motivating ourselves.  Some days that’s easier said than done.  When conditions aren’t optimal (i.e. we’re bored or overwhelmed), we need sure-fire strategies for boosting self-motivation.   This seminar will provide employees with guaranteed tips for increasing motivation and positivity in the workplace.

Audience:  All
Competency:  Accountability, Development of Self
Date/Time:  April 7, 10:00am-11:30am
Location:  Library Lecture Room

Managing Up

According to Gallup, the most important predictor of employee engagement is whether or not the employee knows what is expected of them every day.  Do you know what’s expected of you?  IF not, attend this seminar to learn how to manage upward in order to get more from your relationship with your manager.  When we manage upward we receive better and more frequent feedback, understand expectations and know our priorities.  Come to this seminar to learn how to better manage your manager.

Audience:  All
Competency:  Communication, Accountability, Development of Self
Date/Time:  May 13, 2015, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Location:  Library Lecture Room

Working Smarter (Not Harder)

We all wish we had one more hour in the day.  While a day is, and always will be, 24 hours, there are ways to maximize those hours to create greater productivity.  This seminar is a must for anyone who wishes they could better focus, attend to details, minimize distractions, and have better quality control.

Audience:  All
Competency:  Accountability, Development of Self, Service to Constituents, Innovation and Problem-Solving
Date/Time:  June 11, 2015,  10:00am-11:30am (New Date)
Location:  Library Lecture Room

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On-going Training Resources:

Finance Training

Desktop training on request (i.e. Banner, travel expenses, check request, purchasing, procard).

Who would benefit:    New employees
How to Register:         Contact the Controller’s Office
Where can I find more information:  Controller’s Office web page

Budget Training

Review various budgeting tools that assist budget users in managing budgets throughout the fiscal year.  

Who would benefit:    New and Current Employees
How to Register:         Contact:   Stephanie Tong
Where can I find more information:  Budget Office Web Page

Library & Technology Services Offerings

Who would benefit:  Employees at all levels, particularly new employees

Library & Technology Services provides access to a wide variety of online and on-campus trainings.

Where can I find more information:  Visit the Library and Technology Services training page

General Training:

Boston Consortium Training and Development Opportunities

Who would benefit: Employees at all levels. Allows for networking opportunities with colleagues from other area institutions. Coordinate registration and payment through Human Resources.

Registration Dates:     See the course catalog at the Boston Consortium website, linked below                                         

How to Register:         Please contact the Human Resources Office Coordinator, Sandra Murga at x3202

Where can I find more informationBoston Consortium website