Support / Resources - Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia-Ukraine: Resources from AllOne Health, meQuilibrium, and Nuveen/TIAA


For anyone experiencing increased emotions or stress due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it may help to speak to a mental health clinician through our assistance program. The program is confidential, free to use and available to all employees and family members. Reach out for personalized support at 800-451-1834 or allonehealtheap.comPlease click on the links below for additional information.
In addition, resources available from meQuilibrium can help to manage the emotions and uncertainty caused by the invasion of Ukraine and we want to make sure any of our employees who may be affected have some support and ways to cope. We hope you will find this article or this video and available mediations to be helpful and consider joining meQuilibrium for more tools. 
Nuveen’s Global Investment Committee explains why investors should stay the course and focus on long-term plans despite market turmoil: TIAA / Nuveen Market Commentary - Invasion of Ukraine.