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As employees of Wellesley, we are a vibrant, diverse community serving the College’s mission and promoting education for the greater good.  Collectively, we reflect the goals and values of the College, finding creative ways to work together to best use our skills and strengths to do great work.  Engage You programs strive to create opportunities to strengthen our connections with each other, with our work, and with the College as a whole.  See below for our current and future Engage You programming or email working@wellesley.edu for more information:

2019 Summer Hours for Administrative Staff 

Flexible summer hours begin on Monday, June 10 and end on Friday, August 16.

The flexible summer work week for full-time administrative employees will be 35 hours or four 8.75 hour days. This means working hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with 45 minutes for lunch.
Given the nature of work in some offices, they may decide to be open and fully staffed Monday through Friday. Some offices may decide to participate in summer hours by remaining open 5 days per week with staggered staff. In both of these cases, office hours and staffing needs will be determined at the discretion of the department/division head.
Part-time Administrative Staff
The flexible summer work week for less than full-time employees means that the employee works their scheduled hours in a four day period. For example, a 17.5 hour employee would work a total of 17.5 hours in four days. 
Vacation During Summer Hours
A full-time employee who takes a vacation during the summer hours period should utilize 35 hours of vacation time. If a single vacation day is taken, the time entered should reflect 8.75 hours of vacation time.
July 4, 2019 Holiday
This year, the July 4th holiday falls on Thursday. If you participate in the summer schedule for the week of the 4th, hourly employees will work 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with 45 minutes for lunch. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Attention Hourly Employees: Please enter your hours for this week in the following manner in order to get paid 35 hours for the week:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:  8.75 Hours Worked
Thursday: 7 Holiday Hours AND 1.75 Hours Summer Hours

Engage You Programs:

  • Community Conversations: Prior seasons’ programming focused on core concepts and social identities (for example: race, socio-economic class, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation) and skills, such as leadership, cultural competence and action planning. This year we are focused on capacity building and will explore what is trending and important to the broader application of diversity, equity and inclusion, generally, and on college campuses, more specifically. As always, we will draw on outstanding subject matter experts, from Wellesley College and beyond, to deliver thought-provoking, skills driven presentations. Light refreshments will be served at all sessions.
  • OPEN Wellesley: OPEN Wellesley (Onboarding Program for Employees New to Wellesley) is offered by Human Resources once a quarter to provide new employees with an introduction to the Wellesley community and to offices and resources that might be helpful throughout one’s career at the College.  This new employee gathering offers an opportunity to meet and connect with other new employees to build community in a thoughtful and proactive manner.  Please contact working@wellesley.edu for more information about the program.
  • Wellesley SEED: The goal of SEED is to create conversational communities that drive change.  The Wellesley SEED group is open to faculty and staff who want to engage with each other across roles and responsibilities in order to better understand how aspects of identity (gender, class, sexual identity, ability, age, race/ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc.) interact with systems to either promote equitable learning spaces or not, and explore ways to create more inclusive and equitable campus environments for every member of the Wellesley community.

Community Service:

  • A Day to Make a Difference: Day to Make a Difference (D2MAD) is an invitation for students, faculty, staff, and alumnae to experience community service with a local community organization. This one-day of service also serves as an introduction to the yearlong service opportunities for students.  For employees, we hope to offer additional opportunities throughout the year to volunteer and give back.  Stay tuned for future dates and opportunities to volunteer.
  • Charitable Giving: The Charitable Giving Campaign offers Wellesley College employees an opportunity to give monetarily to a variety of organizations. The Wellesley community has always given generously.  Our goal each year is to increase the overall level of participation.