Tuesday, October 29

International Education Week Events:

Tuesday, October 29th


Topic of Presentation Location
Session 1: 9:15-10:25am  
Japanese Culture: Co-existence of Past and Present SCI 261 
Public Spaces and Gender Perspectives: A Summer at the UNDP Costa Rica SCI E111
Building a Sustainable Communities in Greater Bangalore SCI E111
Challenges are Opportunities: Teaching and Learning in Central America SCI E111
Fighting Domestic Violence in Fogo, Cape Verde, to Encourage Women's Empowerment  SCI 264 
I Promised Sopia I Would Tell… SCI 274
Portrait of a Muanjadi: Brave Women Collaborating to Break Barriers SCI 104
Tackling Inequality in Quality: Examining and Overcoming Disparities in Community health SCI 396
From Beijing to Boston: Redefining a Global Education SCI 380
Denmark: Innovative Ideas in Psychology and Special Eduation SCI 380
Studying Across the Pond: Reflections on Higher Education SCI 268
Session 2: 10:45-11:55am  
Between a Parisian Office and a Factory in Normandy: Interning Abroad with a Manufacturing Group  SCI 274
Korea's National Brand-Making: Why It Matters SCI 274
Speak the Speech, I Pray You: Playing Shakespeare at Wellesley and Abroad  SCI 277
Fighting for Democracy: Social Change in Cambodia SCI 104
Whatever You Do, Don't Touch the Price of Bread SCI 104
Women's Foreign Police Group: Amplifying Women's Voices on Global Affairs SCI 104
Medicine and Corruption: The Lethal Reality of Mexico SCI 392
The Challenges and Successes of Developing Healthcare in a Tanzanian Hospital SCI 392
Summer in the Tropics: What I Learned from Bats SCI 392
Ein Summer in Deutschland: Discovering the International World of Science in Germany SCI 392
Twenty-eight Countries in One; International Perspectives at the European Union SCI E111
Meeting "Abenomics": Numbers and Cultures SCI E111
Working in the Financial Industry in East Asia SCI E111
Revealing Truths and Paradoxes: A Year in Yaounde, Cameroon SCI 211
A Social Scales: Exploring Links Between Social Class and Culture SCI 211
Year-Long International Study: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  SCI 211
Learning from Cross- Cultural Military Experience in Thailand  SCI 256
Combating Terrorism in the Middle East and North Afirca: Economics and Political Perspectives SCI 256
There's Hunanity in Numbers: Lessons from the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, China SCI 256
Making Affordable Technology More Human: The Role of Design in Development  SCI 396
Chinese Views of Themselves and Modern Society SCI 268 
World University Games in Kazan, Russia SCI 268 
A Chorus of Stones: Histories of Memory and Denial  SCI 268 
Little Country, Big World: Policy and War in the Republic of Georgia SCI 268 
Affordable, Scalable, and World-Class: An Educational Model Bringing Opportunity to South African Communities SCI 264 
Teaching Math in a Ugandan High School  SCI 264 
Session 3: 1:30-2:40pm  
Searching for the Soul of Siberia SCI 277
Breaching Barriers to Provide Care  SCI 270
Addressing a Critical Need: Mental Health Support for Japan's International Community  SCI 264 
Learning to Look at the Person, Not the Wheelchair: Demystifyng Cerebral Palsy  SCI 264 
Fellowship Travels SCI 396
Creating Community in Chaos SCI 261 
The Internatioanl Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: War Criminals in the International Limelight SCI 274
Writing Between the Lines: Navigating Chinese Journalism SCI 274
Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty: From Propaganda to Journalism and Beyond SCI 274 
Filling the Gap: The Role of Nonprofits in the Dominican Education System  SCI 278 
Session 4: 3:00-4:10pm  
Treasures of the Caribbean: Fine Arts and Urbanism in Puerto Rico SCI 270
La Dolce Vita: Peggy Guggenheim and Her Legacy SCI 270 
China's Housing Market: Is there a Bubble Ready to Burst? SCI 104
A Thirst for Change: Water and Sanitation's Gendered Discrimiation SCI 104
Yuca, Tepuys, and Rainbows: A Summer in Rural Venezuela SCI 104
Mother Tongue: Education and Healthcare in the States of My Forefathers SCI 261 
Indigenous Mazahua Culture in Twenty-first Century Mexico SCI 261 
A Latina Gringa: Perspectives on Discrimination and Interculturality in Chile SCI 261 
Doing Socially Conscious Research in Rural India SCI 261 
The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Jordan's Economy SCI 256
Uploading Japan: The Importance of Social Media in Spreading Cultural Awareness SCI 256
The Crisis You Have Never Heard Of: The Plight of North Korean Regugees and Defectors SCI 256
The Egyptian Revolution: An Insider's Perspective SCI 256
I'll Call When I'm Online: How Migrants in Morocco Use Communication Technologies SCI 256
"There Are No Pretty Girls in Bread": Interning as a French Boulangere SCI 364
La Jaula de Oro: Latino's Social Media Reactions to Immigration Reform in the United States  SCI 364
Transition, Translation, and Transparency: My Eight-Month Stretch in China SCI 364
Women. World. Partners: Reflecting on Our Summer in Beijing SCI 268
Hidden Treasures: Exploring Life in Little Cayman  SCI 277