Winter Break & Wintersession 2017/2018

Wintersession Information

Winter Break Dates:  December 23rd - January 28th

Wintersession Dates:  January 4th - January 25th
If you plan to leave the campus during Winter Break, please refer to the winter Residential Life Closing Memo.
If you would like to remain on campus after December 22nd during Winter Break or Wintersession, you must apply for on-campus housing. Winter housing will be provided at Bates, Freeman, Stone-Davis, and McAfee. Please complete and submit the Winter Housing Request Form. 

Wintersession 2018 Housing Eligibility Policy:


Wintersession housing is limited, and only eligible students will be approved to return to campus for Wintersession 2018 and be assigned temporary housing in one of three designated Wintersession residence halls (Bates, McAfee, Stone-Davis, Freeman). The eligibility for Wintersession housing is detailed below.

Students will be permitted to return for Wintersession housing only if they meet one of the following eligibility requirements (subject to availability).

  1. Students in programs that require their presence on campus (e.g.. Madeleine Albright Institute, Freedom Project, Winter Theatre, winter varsity athletic teams).
  2. Students whose current academic work requires their presence on campus (e.g. students enrolled in on-campus Wintersession classes, faculty-sponsored and approved research, and those thesising).
  3. Student employees in positions deemed essential to conducting the business of the College.
  4. Students who live abroad needing housing for the entire period between December 22, 2017 until January 25, 2018 will be given priority. All other international students will be placed on a waiting list and housed as space becomes available. In the past we have been able to accommodate all international student requests.

All students seeking Wintersession housing need to submit the Wintersession 2018 Housing Registration Google Form in order to receive a Wintersession housing assignment. Submit this registration form no later than Monday, December 4 at 5pm. (Form not available yet)

All students will be housed in Bates, McAfee, Stone-Davis, and Freeman. Students who have been approved to return will be added to the Wintersession Housing Google Group. All other residence halls will be closed on December 22, 2017 at 12pm and reopen on January 27, 2018 at 9am.


Wellesley Services Coming Soon
There are alternative forms of transport available to students staying on campus over Winter Break and Wintersession:
  • Commuter Rail from Wellesley via the Frammingham-Worcester line (Wellesley Square stop). For the schedule, click here.
  • NEW: MWRTA Route 8 Shuttle (click on link here to see .pdf of schedule)
  • Rent one of six Zipcars parked on campus
Food Options:

Please refer to the posted scheduled from AVI Fresh for information on specific Dining Hall closing dates.

Bates Dining Hall will be open for Wintersession on January 4, 2018 with dinner from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.

The hours of operation are:


  Monday- Friday 

Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast 7:30 – 9:30am No Service
Lunch 11:30am – 1:30pm 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Dinner 5:00 – 7:00pm 5:00 – 6:00pm


  • Regular Bae Pao Lu door prices will apply during this time period. Students can take advantage of a 10% bonus by pre-loading your ID with points.
  • For additional information please refer to the dining services website or call x2297.


Alternatively, students can opt for online shopping at Roche Brothers. There is a delivery fee for this type of grocery purchase. More information can be found here.
Slater House Hours:

Slater International Center will be closed from Friday, December 23rd to Monday, January 1st.  The house will remain open to international students via swipe access. Please note that staff will not be available for advising during that time.   

For your convenience, the kitchen will be stocked with snacks and tea.   Please feel free to bring your own food to prepare and use the space as your home away from home.