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What can you do with a degree in Italian Studies?

Wellesley College Alumnae with a degree in Italian Studies have undertaken fascinating and successful careers distinguishing themselves in various professional fields, from teaching and research, to medicine and law, to business and finance.

The Department of Italian studies is very proud of its graduates and delighted to celebrate here some of their impressive accomplishments.

Italian Studies Alumnae


Robin Filan

Robin Filan '09
Italian Studies & International Relations - History
Kathryn Nicole North
Kathryn Nicole North '06
Italian Studies (Minor)

Peggy Renwick

Peggy Renwick '04
Italian Studies &
Cognitive & Linguistic

Skye Roberts

Skye Roberts '14
Italian Studies & History

Liise Lehtsalu

Liise Lehtsalu '09
Italian Studies


Emma Mrkonic

Emma Mrkonic '14
Italian Studies & Classical Civilization


Alexandra Solimano '10,
Italian Studies & Economics


Rose Hargrove

Rosa Hargrove '15
Italian Studies


Anna Uyen Le

Anna Uyen Le '14
Italian Studies

Leah Kaplan

Leah Kaplan '04
Italian Cultural Studies & Latin American Studies
Angeline Del Balzo
Angelina Del Balzo '11
Italian Studies & English
Laura Bruno
Laura Bruno '14
Italian Studies & Mathematics 

Giovanna Acton

Giovanna Acton '14
Italian Studies & International Relations - History


Eileen Willis, '94,
Major in Italian Studies


Leslie De Leon
Leslie De Leon '07
Italian Studies & Art History


Erika Kitzmiller '00
Italian Studies & History

Lillian Nin

Lillian Nin, '08,
Minor in Italian Studies
Jordan Moseley
Jordan​ Moseley​ '16
Women’s & Gender Studies &
Italian Studies


Caterina Castellano '17,
Italian Studies and Economics

Mariya Chokova, '13,
Italian Studies and French

Anna Covatta, '09
Italian Studies and Art History