Jewish Studies Major

For the nine-unit major in Jewish Studies, students must take courses pertaining both to the ancient and modern worlds and show proficiency in Hebrew (equivalent to at least two semesters at the second-year level). HEBR 101-HEBR 102 count toward the degree but not toward the Jewish Studies major. In certain cases, where students whose area of concentration necessitates another language (such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Yiddish, or Ladino), that language may be substituted for Hebrew in consultation with the student’s major advisor. 

Students interested in classical and Biblical Hebrew are also encouraged to enroll in our elective two semester 200/300 level independent study sequence.  Please contact the Program Director for details and to arrange registration.

In addition, students are expected to concentrate in some area or aspect of Jewish Studies (such as religion, history, or Hebrew language and literature) by taking five courses above the 100 level, a required Independent Study, and one additional 300-level course.

More advanced study of Hebrew may be pursued as a HEBR 250 or 350 course and may be used to fulfill the Language and Literature distribution requirement

Majors devise their own programs in consultation with the director of the Jewish Studies program and an appropriate faculty member from the student’s area of concentration. Courses with an asterisk (*) also require the permission of the instructor if the course is to be counted for Jewish Studies.

In addition to Wellesley courses, students are encouraged to take courses at Brandeis University in the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies which may be applicable to the Jewish Studies major. These courses must be approved, in advance, by the corresponding department at Wellesley. See the director of Jewish Studies for further details.


Jewish Studies Minor

A minor in Jewish Studies consists of five units from the following courses (of which at least one must be at the 300 level and no more than one at the 100 level): Anthropology 247; Arab 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302; CLCV 240/REL 240; CPLT 208/REL 208; French 232; History 115Y, 201, 219, 224, 242, 243, 328; Italian 309; Religion 104, 105, 243, 244, 245, 247, 260, 307, 342, 343; Spanish 252, 267, and 279. Units must be taken in at least two departments; in consultation with the director of the program in Jewish Studies, a student can also arrange to take courses for inclusion in the Jewish Studies minor in Brandeis University's Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.