Advising in Latin American Studies

Exploring a Major or Minor

Declaring a Major or Minor

  • Sophomores must declare a major by December 1, 2017 if they plan on studying abroad (this usually applies to Latin American Studies majors). Otherwise, sophomores must declare by March 2, 2018. Students can declare a minor at any time.
  • Before these deadlines, students should devise a major or minor plan, in consultation with both a faculty advisor and Patrick McEwan, the director of Latin American Studies. (The major or minor plan is not a contract that obligates you to take exactly those courses, especially since course offerings may vary from semester to semester.)
  • The Registrar explains the procedure for submitting on-line declarations.

Advising for Current Majors and Minors

  • Before registration weeks—November 7-10, 2017 and April 17-20, 2018—students consult the list of approved courses to be offered in the next semester. They should also schedule an appoinment with their major or minor advisor.
  • In order to obtain major or minor credit for courses taken at another college or university—in the U.S. or abroad—students must obtain the director’s approval, preferably before choosing the course.