Courses in Latin American Studies

At Wellesley College

  • Courses approved for credit (2017-2018). Not all courses are offered in each semester or academic year. Some approved courses require students to complete a paper on Latin America as a condition of approval; students may take no more than two units of such courses for a major (or one unit for a minor). The same list is included in the 2017-2018 course catalog.

  • Courses offered in Spring 2018. This list is updated each semester before registration week. Students should consult with their advisors and the director of Latin American Studies before registering.

  • Courses offered in previous semesters: Fall 2017.


At Other Colleges and Universities

  • In order to obtain major or minor credit for courses taken at another college or university—in the U.S. or abroad—students must obtain the director’s approval, preferably before choosing the course.
  • Students should carefully review the Registrar's procedure for transfer of credit requests.
  • The Registrar determines whether the course counts for a full unit or a fraction of a unit. For the major, students must complete 9 full units (and 5 units for the minor).