Study Abroad

Studying Abroad

Majors in Latin American Studies are strongly encouraged (but not required) to spend at least one semester studying in Latin America. Sophomores must submit a proposal to study away by December 1. In addition to consulting their major advisors, students should use the resources of the Office of International Study (OIS). The OIS organizes information sessions and holds drop-in advising hours, noted on their calendar.  

Wellesley College Programs

Wellesley-Approved Programs

  • Students also have the option of applying to Wellesley-approved study abroad programs.
  • These include 22 programs in which the language of instruction is either Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Students with an interest in Portuguese should contact António Igrejas in the Portuguese Program at Wellesley. Students have the option to study and complete internships in Brazil, Portugal and Africa (Cabo Verde).

Non-Approved Programs