DSD 2016

Please join us for the third annual Digital Scholarship Day on

Tuesday, March 8th from 4:15p to 5:45p in the Science Library

Lightning Talks by students, staff, and faculty - 4:15pm to 5:00pm
(3 minute limit! Beware the gong!)
Snacks and CAKE! - Starting at 5:00pm


The DSDay 2016 Lightning Talkers will be:

(Select the speakers name to view their talk.)

  1. Kenny Freundlich (LTS) - Bringing Guests to Your Classroom When They Can't Come to Campus — HD Video Conferencing

  2. Casey Pattanayak (LTS) - Teaching Big Data in the Liberal Arts Context

  3. Emily Orgias '16 (from EDUC 322 taught by Robbin Chapman) - Facilitating Diversity and Intercultural Awareness on Wellesley Campus using Technology

  4. Maurizio Viano (Cinema and Media Studies) and Jordan Tynes (LTS) - Visual Essays

  5. Helene Bilis (French), Elizabeth Loxterkamp '18, and Joanna Milton '16 - Statistical Analysis of 17th Century French Drama

  6. Marty Magid (Math) - Teaching with an iPad Pro & Pencil

  7. Laura O'Brien and Jenifer Bartle (LTS) - Coeffure a Plaisir des Dames: A Collaborative Digital Exhibit of Student Research on Special Collections Holdings

  8. Kily Wong '16 (QAI) - Online Resources for Learning SQL, through the Quantitative Analysis Institute

  9. Sumurye Awani '18 - Mapping Slavery, Literature, and Resistance

  10. Bryan Burns (Classical Studies) and Jordan Tynes (LTS) - Drone Photography and Photogrammetry in Archaeological Research

  11. Veronica Darer (Spanish) - Qualitative Analysis of Blended Learning Projects

  12. Nina-Marie Amadeo '18 (from EDUC 322 taught by Robbin Chapman) - Transmission: Bridging the Gap Between Professors and Trans Students

  13. Adam Van Arsdale (Anthropology) - 3D Printed Bones

  14. Terry Park (American Studies) - Oral History Bojagi Sacks

  15. Michelle Lu '18 - Makerspace Toybox