Assignment Design Services

DSI program staff can help you incorporate digital scholarship tools and techniques in your classroom teaching.

We can assist with assignment planning at all levels-- from short, experimental assignments to semester-long projects and independent studies. Some examples of assignments-- individual or group-- might include:

  • Writing class blogs and wikis.
  • Designing digital stories that incorporate historical or newly created audio, still images, and/or video. 
  • Preparing high-quality research posters for printing on our plotter printer.
  • Creating interactive timelines.
  • Annotating maps.
  • Curating digital exhibits of images, sound, video, text, and other forms of data with rich interpretive descriptions.
  • Performing close readings and annotations of text-based materials.
  • Independent study projects based in the College Archives or Special Collections with a digital component.

Please contact Jenifer Bartle with questions or to help you get started.