Kenny Freundlich

Library and Technology Services

Kenny Freundlich
Director, Emerging Technologies

As of March 2011, I've been the Director of Emerging Technologies at Wellesley College. I supervise investigations of innovative technologies and their applicability for use at Wellesley. I select technologies with the most promise and create pilot projects for assessment.  From 1997 until 2011, I was the Director of Instructional Technology at Wellesley, providing leadership for and defining the vision of academic technology services. I directed a staff whose responsibilities include instructional use of Wellesley's collaboration and course management system, media services, and classroom equipment.

I played a major role in creating Wellesley's first web server in early 1994. In 2000, I developed Wellesley's print e-reserves system and later expanded it to include music, spoken language material, and video. In Spring 2006, I co-taught Music 276 (From Cylinders to CDs to Cyberspace: American Popular Music and Technology) with Assistant Professor Tamar Barzel. In November 2006, I launched Wellesley's iTunes U project, and convinced Apple to begin featuring Wellesley's content in the iTunes Store in 2008.

I have a special interest in digital audio. Responding to a goal ("strengthening the intellectual community") of both Wellesley's President and the Academic Planning Committee, in January 2010 I launched What Wellesley's Reading, a weekly series of podcasts in which Wellesley faculty introduce a book in their field that they're passionate about, and then read a brief passage.

Since Fall of 2014, I've been working to expand the use of videoconferencing at the College, both software-based (e.g., WebEx) and higher-quality hardware-based videoconferencing. This has facilitated a jointly taught class freshman writing seminar with Davidson College, as well as a collaborative course on early modern France with Smith College.

I received my undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1983. I have been at Wellesley since 1990.