Consolidating Credit Card Use by Administrative Departments


Project Proposal:

There are several administrative departments across the College which accept credit card payments. So far, we have not had a centralized system to handle these payments. After consulting with a number of administrative offices on campus about their credit card use and needs, the Finance office, in collaboration with LTS, has has selected Touchnet, a credit card vendor who will meet our institutional requirements.

Over time it is our expectation and hope that all credit card use on campus will be rolled into this centralized solution. This software and service will allow us to negotiate the best volume rates and will also assure compliance, uniform functionality, support, and training. By using a single system across the College, we will develop shared expertise. By using this system, which is fully hosted, no credit card information will be stored on College computers, thereby providing strong data security.

As all of us know, the theft of credit card information is increasing and the liability associated with dealing with such thefts can be significant. By moving to a model such as this, we have transferred the responsibility for guarding this information to the experts.


Completed <March 2014>:

We have implemented this system for the Women’s Centers at Wellesley (WCW), the Nehoiden Golf Club, and Resources applications (i-Modules and Ruffalo Cody).

We are now implementing a campus-wide “shopping mall”  and a number of departmental “stores” or shopping carts.  


Updated <May 2015>:

The following stores and gateways have been completed and have launched or are awaiting launch:

  • Store: Wellesley Centers for Women
  • Payment Gateway: Wellesley Magazine
  • Store: Wellesley Student's Aid Society
  • Store: First-Year Orientation (will open with the entering student portal)
  • Store: Wellesley Parents (will open for commencement)

We expect to have our first stores administered by the Women’s Centers (WCW) and Student Life live in early 2015.  There is considerable interest amongst administrative departments to use this system and we will prioritize  and help implement them.


Project Sponsor: Finance and Administration

LTS Contact: Terry Ballantyne