Training for Administrative Staff


Project Proposal:

Historically LTS has supported institutional software training by popular demand.  We stopped scheduling trainings proactively and instead only by request a few years ago due to low turnout at the regularly scheduled times.  Going forward, we're partnering with administrative departments and constituencies to increase training offerings that are timely and meet the unique needs of a given group, as well as address the range of learning styles and experiences of our staff.

In Progress <Fall 2015 - Spring 2016>:

We continue to schedule trainings with departments by request.  Please see our revised training website for additional information.  

Completed <July 2015>:

Our Google Support team provided a couple different trainings for Facilities and Resources this summer.  We are putting together a larger set of tips and best practices with Google Drive.  

Project Sponsor: Library & Technology Services

LTS Contact: Erin Richardson