LTS Goals

FY2020 LTS Goals


Identify opportunities to support inclusive excellence, a core priority of the College

  • Explore ways to expand the reach of our student instruction programs
  • Increase access to computing resources for students in need
  • Find ways to collaborate with other divisions and departments that have well defined initiatives in this area
  • Adopt and support pedagogies, systems and technologies that are accessible and improve learning

Partner with others outside of LTS to support the core academic mission

  • Take steps to enhance the discovery, use, and preservation of the College's unique resources stewarded by LTS
  • Collaborate with faculty to evaluate physical and digital collections to respond to curricular changes
  • Increase proactivity in the provision of library resources and services
  • Continue the investigation of emerging technologies for teaching, learning and research, while moving successful pilots into full production

Operate as a lean organization while providing the same or improved service in a changing information services landscape

  • Empower LTS staff to evaluate how they do their work and streamline where possible
  • Plan the transition from our existing analog telephone system to a modern telephone system
  • Ensure that all aging College systems and networks have adequate replacement plans
  • Reconfigure space in Clapp Library to highlight our unique collections and enhance discoverability
  • Complete the Workday implementation and support the community in the use of this resource

Revitalize the LTS core vision and LTS emergency preparedness documentation

  • Finalize the next LTS Strategic Plan with broad participation and connect it to the College’s plan when released
  • Review and update LTS emergency preparedness plans and documentation
  • Update LTS policies, procedures and systems with particular focus on compliance and risk mitigation