Project Requests

The Library & Technology Services Project Management Process facilitates intake and College priority-setting of LTS projects.

Anyone planning a Wellesley College project that involves multiple on-campus groups or constituencies, and requires Library & Technology Services resources (staff time, hardware, software, etc.) should submit a Project Proposal (see below). This process does not involve securing project funding. See the Purchasing website for procurement policies and procedures. Additional costs may arise while scoping the project.

The process is ideal for the investigation stage of projects! Don't feel like you have to extensive research before engaging with this process -- filling out a proposal while the project scope is still forming will enable you to connect with the most appropriate LTS staff and resources.

Begin by reviewing the following questions with your colleagues, supervisor, and/or other potential partners for this project.  We suggest that you use our project proposal template to prepare your submission.  You can copy and rename it as a different google document or you can download it to your desktop and use it there.  Once you have answered all of the questions on the template, you can use it to  fill out (by cut and pasting the answers) and submit a project proposal through WebHelpDesk (instructions below).

  • Who is the sponsor or sponsors?
  • Describe the problem, need or opportunity
  • What is the goal of the project?
  • What is your proposed solution? (if you already have ideas on how to solve this issue, please list applications or tasks already considered)
  • Who would be the project participants? (list all departments and /or groups that may be involved in the solution)
  • What additional resources would be required? (identify any other resources that may be necessary to carry this idea through to the end, such as additional ongoing staff, space considerations, etc.)
  • Is this related to institutional priorities?
  • What is your need-by date or intended time-frame (include specific dates if known, otherwise please estimate when this is needed and how long you think it might take to prepare for launch)

A Library & Technology Services staff member will contact you after you submit a project proposal for further discussion. You can also check on the status of your proposal and project by searching for the ticket number you'll receive when you submit a proposal.


Review Steps for Project Submission

Using WebHelpDesk to submit a project proposal

  • Log into MyWellesley and click the WebHelpDesk button.
  • Next to Request Type, choose Library & Technology Services. In the new  field that appears, choose the following from the drop down menu.  "project proposal - departmental outreach"
  • Fill out the name of the project in the subject field
  • Fill out the other fields cutting and pasting from your prefilled template; none are required, but as much as information as possible is helpful.
  • If you would like to email a copy to someone else, fill in their email address in the Carbon Copy field and check the enabled box.
  • Click Save