Student Advisory Group

Library & Technology Services Student Advisory Group (LTSSAG)


Want to share your thoughts on how to improve the student experience of our library and technology services and spaces and advise on LTS policies and changes that impact you and your fellow students?


If so, you should join the Library & Technology Services

Student Advisory Group [LTSSAG]!


LTSSAG is a student committee comprised of 6-9 Student Life and Library & Technology selected representatives who meet several times throughout the academic year to provide feedback and insight into the library and technology needs of students on campus, advise on changes to LTS policies and resources, help identify trends in the student use of library and technology services and resources on campus and, in some cases, solicit student feedback and assist with the communication of library and technology decisions affecting the student body.


There are several ways to get involved in LTSSAG:


As a Student Life Representative

To join as a Student Government nominated member, just fill out the application in the early-Fall of each academic year. The Student Activities Coordinator (SOAC) will inform you of your selection.

As a Library & Technology Services Student Employee

If you are a student employee interested in joining the committee, contact Laura Sherriff for more information. Select student leaders within the LTS organization will also be asked to join.

By Contacting LTSSAG Directly

If you are interested in participating in the group but have not been SOAC-nominated, or if you would like to provide feedback on library and technology public services in general, please contact Laura Sherriff to have your voice heard. You can also reach the whole LTSSAG committee by emailing us at


LTSSAG Staff Contacts

Laura Sherriff, Manager of Public Services, LTS-Research & Instructional Support

Mac Stewart, Instructional Technologist, LTS-Research & Instructional Support

Contact the Student Advisory Group at