Intensive Beginning Italian

ITAS 103  •  Daniela Bartalesi-Graf

Professor speaking with two students in a hallway

Screen capture featuring Daniela Bartalesi-Graf and two students from one of the original course videos

Daniela Bartalesi-Graf, Italian Studies, entirely revamped her intensive beginning Italian course to make it a completely blended course. Previously it met 5 days a week; starting in Fall 2014, this intensive course has been divided into 3 in-class meetings and 2 “virtual classes”, i.e. self-study times when students complete a variety of online activities in preparation for face-to-face class time. Daniela effectively created an entire online program, complete with over 40 situational videos shot on campus and 20 video interviews with native Italian-speakers on a variety of subjects, both of which have resulted in much more interesting and complex cultural content than the usual "baby-talk" of beginning language instructional materials. The materials, available online within the edX software, also includes textual grammar explanations, hundreds of screen capture videos with images, text and handwritten annotations, and comprehension quizzes. Students use online discussions for writing practice, resulting in much more writing than had been possible previously.

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