Shifting (the) Boundaries: Blended Learning, Digital Humanities, and the Liberal Arts

We will celebrate four years of the Blended Learning Initiative with a capstone symposium on April 6-7, 2018.

How have scholarship and teaching in the digital humanities challenged traditional boundaries between the humanities, the social sciences, and sciences? How have digital tools led to new collaborative partnerships and altered research practices? What gender, economic, and race-specific boundaries have we encountered and what opportunities for inclusion does blended learning and the digital humanities offer?

The symposium will invite our community and guest participants to reflect on the continued promise of blended learning and the digital humanities. We will also take stock of the challenges digital methods present, especially in the context of a small liberal arts college. The intentional use of the article “the” in parentheses in our symposium title, “shifting (the) boundaries,” underscores both our active participation in negotiating the spatial, disciplinary, and methodological boundaries in our scholarship and teaching, as well as the broader perspectives of how digital methods are transforming humanistic practices across academia. 

Keynote Speakers:

Johanna Drucker (UCLA)

John Wall (North Carolina State University).