Class Visits

Faculty members are encouraged to schedule class visits to Special Collections, on the 4th floor of the Clapp Library. We host an average of 80 classes a year from a broad range of departments, either during class time or as an extra session. Students often report that seeing and handling original editions of texts they are reading gives context and dimension to their studies. If you are unsure about how to find suitable materials in the collections for a class visit, please contact Ruth Rogers at least four weeks in advance of your desired date. Because Special Collections is heavily used for research and teaching during the academic year, we cannot usually accommodate last-minute requests for visiting classes. The seminar room is equipped with wireless, seating for 18-20, and a high-quality document camera and projector.

Our rare books and most of our manuscripts are fully searchable in the Library Catalog, with the useful feature of limiting the location to Special Collections in the drop-down menu. You may either prepare a list of books wanted for a class, or if you would like suggestions for relevant materials, simply send your syllabus to Ruth Rogers as early in the semester as possible. You may also reserve books for a specified period, so that your students can come to Special Collections to read them on their own, during open hours.

Please remind students prior to visiting Special Collections that this is a secure space and certain guildelines are necessary to preserve the collection. They must use pencil when taking notes, have clean hands, and leave all coats and bags at the door upon entering the room. Staff members Ruth Rogers and Mariana Oller are always available to help with research and to answer questions about the collection.