Collections Librarian : Brooke Henderson (x3258)

This collection development policy guides the development and management of materials on Media Arts and Sciences in the Wellesley College Library. This policy is for the use by the Wellesley community and the Media Arts and Sciences collections librarian. Faculty and students are encouraged to provide recommendations for library materials.

General purpose of the collection

The library collection for the Media Arts and Sciences program supports the undergraduate interdepartmental Media Arts and Sciences curriculum at Wellesley College and provides resources for both study and teaching in the areas of new media technologies. Media Arts and Sciences-related library material also supports other areas of study in the Wellesley College curricula.

The primary priority for the collection is support of the curriculum of the Media Arts and Sciences major offered by the Departments of Art and Computer Science. The program enables students to explore the artistic, cultural, and scientific applications within the context of new media technologies. The program focuses on media production that balances artistic sensibility with analytical reasoning within the rich tradition of the liberal arts environment. Areas of study include digital imaging and design; Web-connected database architectures; three-dimensional visualization and modeling; digital composition in audio/video; analog print and photographic processes; computer graphics and animation; human-computer interaction; and programming for networked environments. The courses offered in the Media Arts and Sciences curriculum naturally draw mainly from the Departments of Art and Computer Science, but the program also includes courses from departments such as Cinema and Media Studies, English, Music, Psychology, and Sociology. Thus, this interdepartmental program draws support from many subject collections in the Wellesley College Libraries.

General subject boundaries and library locations

Media Arts and Sciences materials are housed in all of the libraries (Clapp, Science, Art, and Music) as appropriate to their subject content.

Related subjects and interdisciplinary relationships

Collection development for Media Arts and Sciences is the responsibility of the faculty from and collections librarians for the individual departments that support and contribute to this interdepartmental curriculum. Most of the support comes from the Art and Computer Science departments. For more detailed descriptions of the collections and the scope of coverage of current collecting activities in each, consult the following related collection development policies:

Art: The Art Librarian selects works related to the visual arts, including material on photography, printmaking, filmmaking and history of film, video production, and new media.

Computer Science: The Computer Science collections librarian selects works related to computer programming, internet research and design, data structures, algorithm design, networks, parallel computing, computer graphics, and computer architecture.

English: The English collections librarian selects material on screenwriting.

Music: The Music Librarian selects material related to music.

Psychology: The Psychology collections librarian may select scholarly studies on the impact of technology and media on cognitive, social and psychological development.

Sociology: The Sociology collections librarian may select material related to social organization and behavior in relation to the production and use of technology and the media arts, as well as sociology of popular culture.


    Reference materials for the Media Arts and Sciences are purchased by the Science Librarian for Research and Instruction, and follows the general subject parameters of the Media Arts and Sciences collections policy. The scope includes, but is not limited to, the following types of material: biographies, dictionaries/thesauri/nomenclature aids, encyclopedias, style and/or literature guides, and occasional electronic search aids and directories which support curricular or related professional programs. Reference materials for the Media Arts and Sciences are housed in the Clapp, Science, Art, and Music Libraries.