Duo - Adding phones & devices

Add phones & devices to Duo


We strongly recommend setting up at least two devices with Duo in case you are not near the original device you setup in Duo.  You can add as many phones and devices as you wish by following the directions below:

  1. Get to the Duo Authentication prompt by opening a private browsing window and attempt to login to MyWellesley, but stop at the Duo 2FA prompt where it asks you to authenticate with a device.

  2. At the Duo 2FA Verify Your Identity prompt, click Other Options.

  3. Go to the bottom of the list of authentication options, and click Manage devices.

  4. Now choose an authentication method to authenticate with Duo 2FA.

  5. You will now see a "You're Verified" screen and you will be sent to page that lists all your current devices. Click the Add a device box at the end of your list.

  6. Choose the item you want to add from the list and follow the steps to set up that device.

  7. Once you have set up your device, you will be sent back to the Duo 2FA page to authenticate and continue on, or you can close the private browsing window.

Switching to a new smartphone

When switching to a new phone you will need to reactivate the Duo Mobile app.  Follow the directions above to add a new device, and choose Duo Mobile from the list of devices, then follow the steps to activate it.

If you want to keep using your old phone as a WiFi-only device, first set up Duo Mobile on your new phone, then choose Add a new device, and set up Duo Mobile on your old phone, and choose I have a tablet at the phone number screen.