Duo - Adding phones & devices

Add phones & devices to Duo


We strongly recommend setting up at least two devices with Duo in case you are not near the original device you setup in Duo.  You can add as many phones and devices as you wish by following the directions below:

  1. Get to the Duo Authentication prompt by either logging out of your Wellesley Google Account, or if you have 'remember for 30 days' enabled, open a private browsing window or use a different web browser. 

  2. Login to Wellesley Google Apps to get the Duo Prompt.

  3. At the Duo Authentication prompt:

    • If you have an automatic authentication method setup, do not authenticate with Duo, and click Cancel.

    • If you are not promtped for Duo because you selected 'Remember me for 30 days', open a different browser, or a Chrome Incognito Window and log into your Wellesley Email.

  4. In the list of options on the left of the Duo Authentication Page, click Add a new device, and authenticate with Duo.


  5. Select the device you wish to setup and follow the directions for that device.

    • For mobile phones, enter your number and you'll be asked if you want to setup the Duo Mobile app.  You can follow through the steps for that or skip it and just use phone call or text options.

    • For tablets or devices with WiFi only, select the type of tablet, open the Duo Mobile app on your tablet and click the + to add a new account, then take a picture of the QR code on the screen to complete setup. 

    • For a landline, enter the number and continue.

    • For a Duo USB Token (U2F token), insert the USB token in a USB port on your computer, click Continue. When you see the popup window looking for a token, tap the 'key' on the token until it adds it and the popup goes away.

  6. After adding a device, you can either add another device by clicking the Add another device link and following the steps above again, click Continue to Login if you want to login, or close the window if you don't need to login.

Switching to a new smartphone

There are several things that can happen when you get a new phone.  If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at 781-283-3333.

If you restored from a previous backup

When you open the Duo Mobile app on your phone, you'll see 'Get working' next to Wellesley College. Follow the above "adding a new device" directions, with the following changes:

  1. When you need to authenticate with Duo, use a phone call or text message since push won't work.
  2. Even though it's the same number, choose mobile phone and add the phone number.
  3. The Duo Mobile app on your old phone will still appear to be functional but it will not work after you complete the setup process for your new phone.  You can still use your old phone as a Duo device if you follow the steps above to add it as a tablet / Wi-Fi only device.

If you are starting fresh with no backup

If you aren't restoring from a backup and using it as a brand new phone, download the Duo Mobile app and follow the directions above to add a new device.  When you're asking to authenticate before adding a device, choose call or text.

If you want to keep using your old phone as aWiFi-only device

Add the device as a tablet using the directions above.  If you still have the Duo Mobile app installed, the new connection will add a second "Wellesley College" item to the list.  To remove the old one, tap Edit, then tap the red circle next to the "Wellesley College" one at the top to delete the old one.