Duo Setup

Setting up Duo for Google Apps and Workday


If you haven't already, fill out the Duo Enrollment Request form.  Once the Computing Help Desk has enrolled you in Duo, you will receive an enrollment email with instructions.

The next time you login to Wellesley's Google Apps or Workday, you will be prompted to enroll.  Detailed enrollment directions are below, or you can also contact the Help Desk for assistance.

  1. If you don't have an Android or Apple mobile phone, you can request a Duo USB Token from the Help Desk.

  2. If you do have an Android or Apple mobile phone, we strongly recommend downloading the Duo Mobile app to make logging in quicker and easier, and it also allows you to login if your phone doesn't have an internet connection.

  3. Make sure you are near your office, mobile, or home phone before continuing. 

  4. Login to Wellesley Google Apps or Workday from a web browser on a computer.

  5. After logging in, you will see a Duo Enrollment screen instead of your email, click Start Setup.

  6. For mobile phones, follow these directions:
    1. Once it takes a picture of the QR code, "Wellesley College" should show up as an item in the app with a lock icon next to it. The screen on your browser will also now have a green checkmark over the QR code.  In the browser, click Continue.

    2. At the Activate Duo Mobile window, go to the Duo Mobile app on your phone and tap Add Account, then take a picture of the QR barcode on the screen to add your account to the app.  You may have to allow the app access to your camera.  

    3. Click I have Duo Mobile Installed.
    4. Select the type of mobile phone you have (iPhone, Android, etc.) and click Continue.

    5. Enter your phone number, including the area code. (eg: 781283xxxx), check the box to confirm the number, then click Continue.

    6. On your computer's web browser, select mobile phone and click Next.

    7. Open the Duo App on your mobile phone.

  7. For office or home phones, follow these directions:

    1. Select Landline and click Next.

    2. Enter your phone number, including the area code. (eg: 781283xxxx).  leave the extension field blank, check the box to confirm the number, then click Continue.

    3. Click Call me, answer your phone when it rings, then enter the six-digit code and click Verify.

    4. Click Continue.

  8. Choose the method you wish to be the default when you get prompted for Duo. 

  9. We strongly recommend you DO NOT choose to be prompted automatically, so that you can easily check the "Remember me for 30 days" option during the login process. 

  10. Click Save, then click Continue to login.