Duo Setup

Setting up Duo 2FA for Google Apps and Workday


How do I enable Duo 2FA on my account?

  • Faculty, staff and students are enrolled in Duo 2FA when your account is created. 
  • Alumnae and other members of the College can enroll via this web form.

How do I set up Duo 2FA on my account?

After Duo 2FA is enabled on your account, the next time you login to a Wellesley Duo SSO protected website, you will be prompted to enroll.  The enrollment process guides you through the steps, but you can also follow the information below.

  1. If you have an Android or Apple phone, we strongly recommend downloading the free Duo Mobile app to make logging in quicker and easier, and it also allows you to login if your phone doesn't have a cell data service or an internet connection.

  2. If you don't have a mobile phone, you can request a Duo USB Token from the Help Desk.

  3. Make sure you are near the phone you want to setup before continuing.

  4. Visit a Duo SSO protected website (MyWellesley PortalGoogle Apps, or Workday) from a web browser on a computer.

  5. Login with your Wellesley email address and password.

  6. After logging in, you will see a Welcome to Duo Security screen.  Click Next.

    • If you don't see this screen, your login session may be cached. Try using a different browser or a private or incognito browser session.

    • If you still don't see this screen, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

  7. ​​At the Did you know? screen, click Next.

  8. At the What can you do? screen, click Next.

  9. At the Select an option screen, choose the device you want to set up.

    • Once you have set up one device, you can set up additional devices.

    • We encourage you to set up both the Duo Mobile and Phone number options.

  10. If you choose Duo Mobile (Recommended)

    1. You'll be asked to enter a phone number, enter your mobile phone number for the device you have installed Duo Mobile on and click Add phone numberIf you're setting it up on a tablet, click the I have a tablet link to skip the phone number step.

    2. After entering your phone number, you'll see an Is this correct? screen.  Verify the number is correct and click Yes, it's correct.

    3. At the Now download the Duo app screen, click Next. If you haven't already, download the Duo Mobile app from the links above now.

    4. At the Scan the QR code screen, go to your mobile phone and launch the Duo Mobile app.

    5. On your phone, launch the Duo Mobile app. It should prompt you to set it up, tap Continue, then tap Use a QR Code. If you don't see this, click the Add + button in the top right.

    6. On your phone, in the Duo Mobile app, allow camera access if asked, and point your phone camera to your computer screen so you can scan the QR Code. It will then link your Wellesley account to the Duo Mobile app.

    7. On your phone, you will be asked to name the account.  Keep it named Wellesley College and tap Done or Save.

    8. On your computer screen, click Continue.

    9. In the Add another way to login in? screen, you can either click Phone number to set up a different phone number from the one you entered for Duo Mobile, or click Skip for now.


  11. If you chose Phone Number:

    1. Enter your phone number with area code (and country code if it isn't US), check the This is a landline checkbox, and click Add phone number.

    2. In the Enter an extension screen, click Skip this step.

    3. In the Is this Correct? screen, make sure the phone number is correct, then click Yes, it's correct.

    4. In the Confirm ownership screen, click Call my phone, and Duo will call your phone.

    5. Answer your phone, and it will give you a verification code to enter on the Passcode sent screen.  Enter the code and click Verify.

    6. At the Added phone call screen, click Continue.

    7. Click Log in with Duo.

  12. If you chose Security Key (Duo USB Token):

    1. ​At the Security Key screen, it explains you'll be prompted to use your key. Click Continue.

    2. A Security key setup popup will ask you to insert and tap on your Security Key to setup.  Click Ok.

    3. In the Continue Setup popup, insert the Duo USB Token into a USB slot on your computer so that the key on the token lights up.  You may need to turn it upside down if it doesn't light up. 

    4. After inserting the Duo USB Token, tap on the key icon on it to activate it, so the setup can complete.

    5. Once the setup is complete, you will see an Added security key screen. Click Continue.

    6. Click Log in with Duo.

  13. Duo 2FA will now use the most secure method of your devices to authenticate you (Duo token first, Duo Mobile second, passcodes third, and phone calls as the least secure).

  14. If you have any issues during this process, contact the Computing Help Desk.