Duo USB Token

Using a Duo USB Token

What is a Duo USB Token?

A Duo USB Token is a small USB device that you can use to authenticate with Duo instead of using a mobile phone.  It is the alternative 'thing you have' part of Duo's two-factor authentication system instead of a phone, that goes along with your password as the 'thing you know.'
For detailed information about Duo USB Tokens (also called U2F tokens), see Duo's U2F website.  The tokens we use are manufactured by Yubikey.

How do I get a Duo USB Token?

They are available from Library & Technology Services via the Computing Help Desk.  We have a limited supply as they are for people who don't have a mobile phone.

Where can I use a Duo USB Token?

Currently, they only work with the Duo when using the Chrome web browser on Mac OS X and Windows.

How do I use a Duo USB Token?

After the Help Desk walks you through adding the token to your Duo account, when you want to login to Google Apps or Workday:
  1. Plug the token into the computer and make sure the blue light is flashing.
    • If the blue light isn't flashing, unplug the token, turn it upside down and plug it in again.
    • Duo USB Tokens don't have the metal bracket most USB devices have, so they can accidentally be plugged in upside down.
  2. Open Chrome and login to Google Apps or Workday.
  3. When prompted to login with Duo, tap the lock icon on the token.
    • If you want, also check the box 'remember me for 30 days' so you don't have to use the token every time.
  4. Once you have authenticated and can access Google or Workday, you can unplug the token.

How do I setup a Duo USB Token?

When you pick up a token at the Help Desk, they will set it up for you, but in case you get it a different way, here's some instructions.  
  1. Plug in the Duo USB Token into your computer and make sure the token's blue light starts flashing.
    • If you don't see a blue light on the token, unplug it, flip it over, and plug it in again.
  2. On Windows 7 computers, it may take a minute for Windows to setup the driver.
    • You will see a gray rectangle icon appear in the notification area and get popups that a device has been detected and a driver is being installed for it.  Wait until this completes before continuing.
  3. Opne Chrome on your computer and login at http://mail.wellesley.edu
  4. At the Duo prompt, don’t authenticate when prompted, click Add a new device on the left.
    • If you aren't prompted for Duo, go to File > New Incognito Window, and try again.
    • ​If Duo is set to automatically send a push or call your, in the blue bar click Cancel.
  5. Authetnicate with Duo by choosing an authentication method from the list.
  6. From the list of devices to add, select U2F token, then click Continue.
  7. An Enroll Your U2F Token popup window will appear.
    • When you see the Use U2F token to proceed message, tap your token on the lock logo.
      Page describing how to enroll your U2F token
  8. You should see a notification that it has been setup and added to your account. 
  9. To continue to login, scroll down within this small Duo window to click Continue to Login
  10. After authenticating with Duo you can remove the token from your computer, without having to eject the device in Windows or Mac OS X.