Did you know that in addition to the usual library and technology privileges you’d expect, faculty, staff & students can

  • get discounts for cell phone plans
 (search the college’s web site for cellular discounts)
  • borrow an iPod to sample the collection (in Music Library)
  • borrow an iPad from the library
  • borrow bestsellers (see Bestsellers Collection in Clapp) 
and other popular books (see all library branches)
  • borrow popular films on DVD and video (in Clapp)
  • borrow popular music CDs (in Music Library) 
and listen online to music 
(search the college’s web site for Naxos)
  • attend Book Arts Lab workshops 
(search the college’s web site for book arts registration) 
  • get discounts for computers and software 
(search the college’s web site for Computer Purchasing Program)