Office 365

Microsoft Office at Wellesley College

Please note that if your question about an Office 365 personal license is not answered here, your best option is to reach out to our vendor using their contact information at the bottom of this page.

College-owned computers are fully licensed for Office 2016 Pro.

Faculty and staff who have a college-owned computer assigned to you and enrolled students can get MS Office for your personal devices:

  • full computer installation of latest versions of Office for Mac or Windows PC
  • one-year subscription for Office 365 Online
    • full access to mobile apps
    • full access to Office via web browser
  • see the Frequently Asked Questions
  • New 2018-2019: the free-to-everyone version of Office Online has limited capability (for Excel, for example); please use the subscription with your Wellesley email address and keep in mind that you may have to download the full version of Excel to your Windows or Mac computer to be able to use some features.  See steps below for help installing the full version.

Retirees, union staff using shared computers, alums and others who are no longer employees or students here: any reputable software store should be able to sell you Microsoft Office. Some people prefer to use free options like Google Docs and Sheets, which alums and some retirees have through the College (if you have retained your Wellesley email, that is your Wellesley Google account).

How to get (or renew) Office for your personally-owned device and the web:

  1. Log in to MyWellesley and click on Software Store in the Administrivia tab.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to "purchase" your free annual subscription license and get your initial, temporary Office 365 Portal password

    Please note:

    The temporary Office portal password you receive with your initial purchase may continue to show here in the Software Store. This becomes obsolete as soon as you log in the first time to the Office Portal and change that password yourself. See below if you have forgotten your Office Portal password.

    You will need to "purchase" the free subscription again after a year to keep it valid, as long as you continue to be an active student, faculty or staff member of Wellesley College

    This subscription version of Office should only be installed on devices that have internet connectivity at least once every 30 days to keep the license valid.  (Faculty and staff can pick a different MS Office for a small fee in the Software Store if the internet connectivity is an issue.) 

  3. With a valid new or renewed subscription, log in to the Microsoft Office Portal and get to Office online as well as installers for your personal computers.  Click Install Office in the upper right corner to download the full version of Office.
    For a new subscription, create a password for this account and note it in KeePass or whatever secure password manager you use. (Can't find the initial temporary password? Go through the password reset below.)
    For a renewal, if you can't find the password from a year ago, see how to get an immediate password reset below.
    See Microsoft's "getting started" information for Office Online.

For Microsoft Office Portal password resets (note: this is not the same as your password for the Software Store, which you log in to using your Wellesley account via MyWellesley):

  1. ​Try to log in
  2. If you have trouble with the web page, try a different browser; Microsoft sites often work best with Firefox
  3. If your guess for your password is wrong, ask to reset it
  4. When told you can't reset it yourself, say you want an Administrator to reset it for you
  5. Check your email; within minutes of your request, you'll receive a new temporary password
  6. If the email does not arrive within minutes:
    1. Check any other email accounts you may have given to the software store
    2. Check again after 30 minutes to an hour
    3. If you still don't find their email, contact the vendor M-F 6am-6pm at 855-561-4175.

This password is not tied to your Wellesley College accounts directly; it is an account managed by our Software Store (Kivuto) for Microsoft.

On a Mac that won't let you use your renewed licensing?

If you've had MS Office installed and are trying to do the annual renewal on your Mac computer, you may run into an issue where the new login will not work. See if this solution to remove licensing helps.

Still need help?

If the information on this page does not resolve an issue you're having accessing your free Microsoft Office, or for other support using the Software Store: