Quick tips for managing classes in Zoom

Quick tips for managing classes in Zoom (participation, audio/video, privacy, etc.)


Online meetings and classes present a number of unique challenges from managing the participation of remote participants so they do not trip over each other in conversation, to making efforts to maintain the privacy of student interactions. 

Managing participation

Be clear with participants before the meeting about whether they are expected (or encouraged) to have their video cameras turned on during your class.

Set clear expectations for how participation will be managed. Will you ask students to use the “raise hand” button before participating? Will questions be posted to the chat first and addressed later? Will all students be expected to participate in particular order? Suggestions for how to manage specific classroom/remote interactions can be found on our Zoom Remote Teaching Options page

Audio Quality

Audio feedback is our number one complaint about zoom. You can only have one device PER ROOM set up to use a microphone in zoom. Ideally, the presenter’s computer is the only computer with the microphone enabled, and no one in the room (including the presenter) is dialed into the meeting on a phone.

If you prefer to use your phone for audio (and you choose this setting in the zoom meeting), your computer microphone will not be used. No other computers or phones in the room should be connected to zoom audio.


Find a quiet, private area with an internet connection (for video) for participating in your zoom meeting. Remember that course participants may disclose information that should not be broadly or publicly shared during the class.

If you are unable to participate in a quiet and private location, you should have a headset with microphone in order to protect participants.

Notify students before the class begins if you will be recording the class. Students who do not want to be recorded may choose not to participate. If you are recording the class, be clear with the students about who will have access to the recording and under what circumstances.

Make sure to end the meeting and close the zoom.us app when your meeting is complete make sure any audio/video connections and capture are turned off.

International Participation

If International participants would like to join the zoom meeting by phone (because an internet connection is not available to join by computer), they can do so using a local phone number.