Zoom Installation and Signing In

Zoom Installation and Signing in

Zoom Installation

Install the Zoom software from https://zoom.us/support/download. You can install the Zoom App on Macs, Windows PCs, and mobile devices.

Meeting hosts should have a device with a microphone, and optionally, a camera. All Mac laptops have a built-in camera and microphone; most recent Windows laptops do as well. 

Hosts wanting to share their screen (documents, browsers, slides, video e-reserves, other) should present from a laptop and not a mobile device for best results.

Meeting attendees can join using a computer or mobile device.

Signing into Zoom

You can sign into Zoom through the software or a web browser. We strongly recommend signing into the software to avoid being placed in the waiting room, and for faculty and staff, to ensure your live Zoom Phone calls ring on your device.

See our short video on how to sign into Zoom or follow the instructions below.

Open the Zoom software on your device.  Click Sign In and then Sign In with SSO.

Then put wellesley (no .edu) in the domain field and click Continue.

Zoom Sign In with SSO window

Logging into Zoom is important to avoid being placed in a Waiting Room if a meeting's security settings require it.

If you have a meeting scheduled, you can start or join a meeting from the browser and it will launch the installed Zoom application where your meeting will take place.

For instructions on scheduling, launching/joining, and recording Zoom meetings, please visit our Zoom Scheduling, Launching, and Recording page.

Signing into Zoom on the web

You can also log into Zoom on the web to schedule meetings, change settings and start/delete meetings within the browser.  You can log in one of two ways:

Log into the Wellesley Portal.

In the upper right hand corner of the Portal window, click on the Zoom button to launch Zoom.

screenshot of Portal menu with Zoom button

Your Wellesley Zoom account will launch.

Alternatively, go to https://wellesley.zoom.us and click Sign In.


Installing a Zoom “plug-in” for Google Calendar

Download and install an extension for Chrome or an add-on for Firefox (but not Safari) that allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar. You should not need to copy and paste meeting information into your Google Calendar in these browsers.