Zoom Scheduling, Launching, Recording

Scheduling, launching, and managing/recording a meeting

This document assumes that you have already downloaded the Zoom client and the Chrome or Firefox extension for Google Calendar, and have signed in with your Wellesley domain account and password. For instructions please visit our Zoom Installation and Signing In page. Not sure if you have Zoom installed? Test Zoom here.


Schedule a Zoom Meeting using Google Calendar
  1. Open your Google Calendar in either Chrome or Firefox, and create a new event.

  2. Add a title, then click More options at the bottom

  3. Click Add guests, and then enter the name of your course Google Group, e.g., GER-202-01-SP12 or other attendees

  4. Click on the blue Make it a Zoom Meeting button to add the Zoom connection information. (If you do not see this button, you have not yet installed the necessary extension for your browser.)

  5. Click the blue Save button at the top, and then Send invitation emails to Google Calendar guests.


Schedule a Zoom Meeting using Zoom

If you do not use Chrome or Firefox, or if you don't want to schedule/invite using Google Calendar, you can schedule a meeting in Zoom, and copy the meeting information into an email or Google Calendar.

Create the Meeting

  1. Log in to the MyWellesley portal, then click on Zoom at the upper-right. (Or open the Zoom.us program on your computer.)

  2. Click on Schedule a Meeting (or in the Zoom program, the big blue Schedule icon).

  3. Enter your meeting settings: Topic, Date, Time, Recurring (recommended), etc. 

  4. Click the button next to Use Personal Meeting ID. Click Other Calendars.
    screenshot of Schedule Meeting form

Click the blue Save (or in Zoom.us, Schedule) button at the bottom.

Click Copy the Invitation( or Copy Invitation button in Zoom.us, then click Close). Note: there’s no notification to let you know the invitation details have been copied to your clipboard.

Now, simply Edit, Paste into an email message that you're going to send to those you wish to invite. For students in your class, you can send it to the Google Group for your course (e.g., ARTS333-01-SP2020).

Or add the meeting to a calendar event

  1. Open your Google Calendar and create a new event

  2. Add a title, then click More options at the bottom

  3. Click in the Add Description box, and then paste the Zoom Invitation info you copied.

  4. Click Add guests, and enter the name of your course Google Group, e.g., GER-202-01-SP12 or other attendees

  5. Click the blue Save button at the top, and then Send invitation emails to Google Calendar guests.


Start your Zoom Meeting

Open the Zoom client. Click the blue Start button to begin your Zoom meeting.  (If you have more than one meeting scheduled, click the Meetings icon at the top, and choose Upcoming)

screenshot of audio conference options

If your laptop has a built-in mic (almost all recent laptops do), click the blue Join With Computer Audio. 

Once your meeting has started, you can mute/unmute your mic and stop/start your camera.

To avoid audio feedback you should not call in with another device (phone or computer) in the same room.

Chat; Sharing your screen or applications; Annotating a shared screen; Manage Participants; Nonverbal Feedback


You and your attendees can type and send messages to other users within a meeting. You can send a private message to an individual or to an entire group. As the host, you can also disable chat entirely. For more details, see https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/203650445-In-Meeting-Chat

Share Your Screen

  1. Open the application you want your attendees to see  (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.)
  2. Click the green Share Screen button at the bottom center of the Zoom window.
  3. Select the screen you want to share.screenshot of selecting shared screen
  4. Click the blue Share button in the lower right.Share button
  5. Click the red Stop Share button at the top of your screen when you’re ready to end sharing.Stop Share button

For more details, see https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362153-How-Do-I-Share-My-Screen-


Annotating a shared screen

Meeting participants can annotate a shared screen. For more details, see https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005706806-Using-annotation-tools-on-a-shared-screen-or-whiteboard


Manage Participants; Enable Nonverbal Feedback 

As the Host of a Zoom meeting, you can click the Manage Participants button at the bottom of the Zoom window. Your attendees will click the Participants button, which lets them click icons for Raise Hand, Go Slower or Go Faster, Agree, Disagree, Need a Break, etc.


Recording in the Cloud; Additional Quick Tips; Remote Teaching Options

Record a Zoom Meeting (in the Cloud)

Click the Record button in the Zoom toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window.

Click Record to the Cloud to begin recording.
screenshot of menu with Record button

Stop Recording

Click Pause/Stop Recording
screenshot of menu with Pause/Stop Recording button

Once the recording has been stopped, it must be processed before viewing. Zoom will send an email to your email address when the process is completed with two links - one for the host, the other for viewers. Share the link for viewers with your students.

Automatically Transcribe a Zoom Cloud Recording


More information

Additional Quick Tips including privacy considerations for participants.

Remote Teaching Options for Classroom Activities

Polls and Breakout rooms

Zoom has a polling feature where you can create simple single choice or multiple choice polls for your meetings. You can gather responses with participant info or anonymously.

You can also create breakout rooms if you'd like to split participants into separate sessions.

End a Meeting

Click the red End Meeting button at the bottom right of the Zoom window.

Zoom Documentation and training


Zoom offers live training Monday through Friday. The 30 minute Getting Started sessions include real-time Q&A. You can also watch recorded training sessions.

Zoom Frequently Asked Questions - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206175806-Top-Questions